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A Roadmap for Creating a New Healthcare

Reframing Healthcare is a unique approach to navigating the transition to a consumer-oriented value-based healthcare market. It is a reliable and replicable foundation for creating positive change.

The book outlines the three fundamental steps required for healthcare transformation: reorienting our thinking, redefining our challenges and redirecting our strategies, tactics and resources. The major reframe introduced in the book – the ‘Marketing Mindset’ – demonstrates how to create consumer-centric organizations that: rebrand from an empathetic perspective, redesign for a customized experience with results that matter to consumers, and reorganize for increased value.

The ‘Reframe Roadmap’ introduced in this book is a narrative guide for rewriting the story of healthcare. It is the way to humanize healthcare with the goal of liberating the value locked up within healthcare today for the explicit purpose of alleviating suffering and saving lives.

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See what others have to say:

In Reframing Healthcare, Zeev provides a clear path forward to transform the US healthcare system.  I highly recommend this book to anyone working in or being served by the current healthcare system – especially healthcare executives and board members who want to better understand how we can effectively move forward.

Rushika Fernandopulle MD | CEO and co-founder, Iora Health

If you’re trying to win in a ‘status quo’ healthcare game, this is a must read. Zeev will convince you it’s time to change course. The current system isn’t just inefficient and expensive, it’s inhumane. As leaders in healthcare, we owe something more to all Americans. If you’re already trying to break the status quo, Zeev provides a step-by-step guide and invaluable real-world examples from which to learn and be inspired.

Chris Chen MD | CEO, ChenMed

Dr. Zeev Neuwirth draws upon his decades of experience—first as a primary care physician and more recently as an innovative expert in improving care delivery – to create a roadmap on how to get our broken health care system back on track and moving in the direction of affordable, high-quality, value-based care. With Dr. Neuwirth’s guidance, courageous consumers, employers and industry leaders are given the tools they need to forge forward with this critical revolution.

Dave Chase | Co-founder of Health Rosetta

This book is a refreshing take on rebranding, redesigning and reorganizing healthcare.  It reflects a fundamentally different way of defining the problem and using a consumer mindset to create a roadmap for the future. …a must read for senior leaders committed to truly transforming our industry.

Susan Devore | CEO Premier, Inc.

Reframing Healthcare offers an enticing vision and road-map for creating a superior consumer experience; one that focuses on the needs of people, not the medical-industrial complex. Based on his experience as a physician and healthcare leader, Zeev Neuwirth combines the lessons from marketing & business with proven ways to innovate. Anyone dissatisfied with the current state of healthcare will enjoy the book, and that’s most of us!

Robert Pearl MD | Former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group & former President of The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

If you think now is the time to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, you must read this book. Dr. Neuwirth presents us with new insights and a different approach to rethinking healthcare. This is a necessary primer for anyone interested in making the changes that will transform the healthcare system for the benefit of all Americans.

Steven S Martin | Retired CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

This book comes at a critical time and Zeev is just the right person to write it. Any massive change to US health care will require active reframing from leaders across the industry. Zeev has deep and personal connections with some of the most innovative people and organizations across the country, and I’m thrilled he’s sharing these insights broadly.

Sean Duffy | CEO and Co-founder, Omada Health

Dr. Zeev Neuwirth writes a compelling book about how to fix what is broken in our healthcare system. He is an innovative leader focused on patient-centered care that achieves better health outcomes at lower costs.  A great book from a doctor with a wonderful podcast about how to innovate and improve the health system.

Patrick Conway MD | President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Healthcare is in a state of confusion, chaos and disruption.  What’s needed is clarity of thought and a roadmap for effective action.  Zeev delivers that in this wonderful book that explains why and how ultimately the patient as consumer is in charge.

Sami Inkinen | Founder & CEO, Virta Health & Co-founder, Trulia

Dr Neuwirth is one of the brightest most authentic voices in healthcare.   He is a wonderful speaker and writer and its a real privilege to work with him and to read his thoughts. Reframing Healthcare is a must read for people in the healthcare world.

Scott Becker | Publisher, Beckers Healthcare & Partner, Mcguire Woods

This book gives healthcare leaders a guide to do the work that we all say needs to be done. Transform our focus and cultures to truly deliver on our promises to the communities we serve.  Dr. Neuwirth provides a plan that is culled from experts, experience and insight to help you succeed amidst the turbulence. 

Jeff Thompson MD | Emeritus CEO, Gundersen Health

In the metrics-focused combat zone that healthcare has become, Zeev distinguishes himself as a patient-centered advocate dedicated to the right outcomes, reminding us all to rise above the fray. This book lays out an effective plan to address the triple aim for the future of healthcare – better care, better health, lower cost. With the Reframe Roadmap, Zeev pushes us not to just re-engineer healthcare, but to reframe it entirely.

Donald Berwick MD MPP | Former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services & President Emeritus of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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